Hull Asset Management

Hull Asset Management

Business Is Business

At Hull, we understand that focusing on your core business includes managing your material handling needs effectively. Increasing productivity and lowering operating costs help you maximize the return on your investment – it’s about the total cost of ownership.

You have to take into consideration purchase price, trade-in value, financing or leasing fees, maintenance and repair, unplanned downtime, replacement of aging equipment, operator training, and administration and management reporting. These are just some of the reasons thousands of companies trust us each year to manage their fleet operations.

We understand that every company has special needs. We use our experience and expertise to develop a custom fleet management program that works for you. Custom programs range from a single plant operation to multiple plants and distribution centers distributed throughout North America.

Hull Fleet Management helps you contain costs and control material handling operations. For multi-site, regional or national programs, we partner with Fleet Strategy Group, enabling you to:

  • Optimize your fleet
  • Save time
  • Focus on your core competencies

Obtain complete transparency

Review reports that identify key ROI indicators including:

  • Asset Listing
  • Utilization Analysis
  • Expense History
  • 4-R Analysis: Replace, Relocate, Retain, Retire
  • Contract Review
  • Goal Setting/Review Operations